Bobbi Brown Art Stick  Liquid Lip english rose

It’s been a while since the new collection of BB launched. I’ve been using it several times

Its notso goodlooking actually, plastic soft tube which is not very attactive. Still, I believe the quality of Bobbi Brown and am satisfied.

Press the tube, see the thick liquid. I’ve chosen the color  english rose , a dark elegant rose tone, fits most daily looks.

The texture of Liquid Lip is creamy, very moisture, I found slightly minz aroma, guess it might have minz oil in formula. and the effect is semi matt, its very long lasting, though its said 10 hrs lastable officially, I’ve not tried for such long time.

easy to add on lips, the introduction suggests lower lip first, then draw with the rest on upper lip, but I’m feeling better draw with fingertips or lip brush.

Its texture, lasting and performance are good enough for forgetting its appearance. I’d like to buy another one or maybe more cause its really marvelous.

Chanel rouge coco shine 62 monte carlo

I’ve got this pretty lipstick as a gift, a Chanel rouge coco shine. Actually, I’ve tested one or two from this serie several years ago, not very interested.

like many other things from Chanel, nice looking.

It smells lightly perfumed, and has very moisture texture, but not high pigmentation.

No.62 Monte-Carlo is a light waterful red.

I put 3 or 4 layers to take the swatch

selfie wearing this color, not such special amazing color, anyway, its daily and safe.

sheer looks great.

VB x Estee Lauer Lipstick

bought these lipsticks for 2 months. I’m happy to hear about this crossover,  as vb is defenitely an fashion icon. But the eyeshadow palette are smokey colors, me actually don’t wear smokey colors very often, so I only pick two lipsticks.

The cover looks good. the Black case is called brazilean nude, and the gold chilean sunset. 

The case looks just very like to the charlotte tilsbury, and it smells like tom ford.

campared to my regular and mini Tom Ford lipstick, its a medium size.

Both lipsticks are very creamy, easy to wear, and lasting long. 

The nude one is a clean tone nude, but it looks familiar with my own lipcolor, which when I’m not fully makeup, i’d say i dare not use this color cause it looks a bit pale. 

and the orange-red one I think it fits all time, not that s special color, but it just looks good.

it looks like this on my skin.

and one more photo for oneday that i wear the nude one.